Burn Injury

An attorney, typically, should analyze an accident that resulted in serious burn injuries and that require lengthy hospitalization and treatment to determine if compensation can be obtained for the victim. Attorney Johnnie Bond can help you make sense of the chaos you might be experiencing after a devastating accident resulting in a burn injury. Johnnie Bond’s knowledgeable team can help investigate your accident in order to compile evidence. They can negotiate for you, and if negotiations fail to bring a suitable result, they can file and pursue a lawsuit on your behalf.

You should be focusing your time and energy on recovering, caring for yourself, and providing for your family. Your family should be focusing on your recovery and providing emotional support. Let us handle the legal process. With offices conveniently located in Washington, DC, the team members of Johnnie Bond Law are willing to assist you.

What can cause a Burn Injury?

Burn injuries can be the result of accidents associated with open flames, explosions, faulty electrical components, heat and radiation, household chemicals, corrosive or hazardous liquids or gases exposure, or gasoline leaks, among other possibilities. Complications associated with third and fourth degree burns include extreme discomfort, permanent disfigurements, bone damage, join damage, and muscle loss. Infection and dangerous fluid loss are also common. At Johnnie Bond Law, we understand this is complex and the injuries are serious. We want to help you get the compensation you deserve to help cover the costs of present and future medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering. The insurance industry will try to make the victim feel as though their injuries are slight, but we know that even seemingly slight injuries have huge impacts.

Burn victims experience much more than just the physical trauma and we understand that. Fighting for your rights in all aspects of your case is paramount. We will advocate for you and show the insurance industry that they cannot belittle your pain and suffering. So, let us speak for you and show them the true effect the accident has had on your life.

Burn Injury Attorney in Washington, DC

Please contact our knowledgeable and experienced legal team. We will help you throughout this legal process. Having a lawyer that will listen and fight for your rights is what you need. Attorney Johnnie Bond is experienced, aggressive in the courtroom, yet compassionate towards his clients. He would be privileged to join you in this battle for your rights. Once you schedule a consultation, we will meet with you to discuss your concerns and possible legal approaches. We will ask many questions to insure we understand everything that has occurred. We will investigate any issues that you bring to us. We will ask for any evidence you have and conduct our own investigation in order to obtain any evidence not previously disclosed. We will use our pooled resources in order to obtain the positive outcome that you deserve. Together we will succeed.

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