Do I Really Need an Attorney for my Auto Accident Claim?

You might be thinking you could save some money by handling your own case. In few circumstances this may be true, but it is only true with rare exceptions and is not typically the rule. You may be thinking the majority of cases settle anyway, so it must be a piece of cake. Please hear our words of caution, the legal process is one steeped in tradition and nuances that, if unfamiliar, can change everything.

As a result, the outcome of any case may be different, as it relates to value and whether or not a settlement actually occurs, if a seasoned attorney handles negotiations. It is important to understand your expectations, the personal injury attorney’s role, and what you will be facing from the other side.

Your Expectations

What is it you are pursuing from your claim? Are you seeking reimbursement for medical bills already accumulated? What about medical expenses you might face in the future? Are you expecting to have your car replaced? Did you lose a loved one in the accident? Are you suing the insurance company or other individuals?

Knowing your own expectations is vital in the scenario where you are pursuing legal action. It is equally as important that your attorney understands your expectations. This should be one of the first discussions you have together. Your attorney can provide legal guidance that helps you pursue your expectations or he can help you understand why your expectations are unrealistic, whichever applies.

The Personal Injury Attorney’s Role

A personal injury attorney is specially trained to handle your personal injury case. This individual knows what the courts are looking for in the documents filed, she knows how to present to the jury and the judge in a trial, and she knows how to communicate with you and guide you through the process. She is there to provide you with legal advice and to represent you when speaking to opposing attorneys, witnesses, medical professionals, other experts, judges, and jurors.

The personal injury attorney is to negotiate on your behalf. He will present to you any settlement offer the other side presents to him. Ultimately, it is your decision to determine whether or not to accept the offer; however, the attorney should provide some guidance about your position at that point in order for you to make an informed decision.

The Other Side

Of course, the other side is opposing your position. They are not there to help you through the process, generally speaking. They want to win their case. Sometimes, the opposing attorneys, and trust us, the opposing party will have attorneys, may attempt to “help” you by offering a low settlement. In your estimation, the offer is decent. However, if you have no legal representation, you might be missing out on a much better offer with proper negotiations. You might even be better off to take the case to trial. Without a seasoned personal injury attorney to guide you, how would you know?

In conclusion, hiring a personal injury attorney should benefit you in the long run. The attorney should collaborate with you to determine your expectations, guide you in achieving your goals or caution you against certain non-actionable claims.

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