Injuries To A Disabled Individual

In the event a disabled individual suffers an injury, either the individual can file a suit against the wrongdoer or a guardian can file a suit on behalf of the disabled individual. In making this determination, an attorney must look at the disabled individual’s capacity to bring the suit. Black’s Law Dictionary defines “capacity” as “the power to create or enter into a legal relation under the same circumstances in which a normal person would have the power to create or enter into such a relation; specifically, the satisfaction of a legal qualification, such as legal age or soundness of mind, that determines one’s ability to sue or be sued. . .”

Other special considerations are at play when it comes to personal injury lawsuits involving disabled individuals. For instance, in the event a disabled individual is found to lack capacity, the attorney might be required to plan for the individual’s long-term medical expenses by utilizing a “special needs trust” in the post-settlement phase. This unique trust might be available to Medicaid recipients to shield a personal injury settlement amount in order to maintain Medicaid eligibility.

Accidents among disabled individuals can occur from a caregiver’s failure to provide proper supervision, lack of ability to identify personal needs, or failure to provide proper care and attention. Injuries can result from negligent conduct during medical visits (also known as medical malpractice), in a group home setting, traveling, or at special schools. Wherever the injury takes place, if it was the result of another person’s negligent conduct, then please allow attorney Johnnie Bond to assist you and/or your loved one in getting the compensation deserved.

Johnnie Bond and his legal team will assist you in obtaining compensation for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other appropriate compensation based on the facts of your case. The medical analysts that work closely with Johnnie Bond Law will help in understanding and revealing the intricacies of the injury and the consequences of the injury to the disability. This information will be critical in determining the proper course of action, as well as assisting in establishing the types of compensation to seek in the case.

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