Personal Injury to a Child

If your child has suffered a personal injury, there are different aspects of law that apply. For instance, the normal statute of limitations is extended for personal injury to a child. Normally, an adult would have 2 years from the time of the injury to file a lawsuit. However, in the case involving a child, the lawsuit must be brought within 2 years after the child’s 18th birthday. A child is not able to bring his own lawsuit; instead either a parent or legal guardian must file on behalf of the child.

Medical Bills

Parents are responsible for the medical bills accrued for the treatment of an injured child. As a result, when a lawsuit is filed on behalf of a child for the injury, the same lawsuit cannot claim the medical bills to recover damages. However, the parents can bring a lawsuit for the damages. The parents can have the suit joined and tried at the same time as the child’s lawsuit.

What if the Child was Legally Emancipated?

Legal emancipation, commonly known as a “divorce from parents,” changes the process in the personal injury case involving a child. In the event a child has been emancipated, the child has been legally recognized as an independent adult. As an independent adult, he is responsible for bring his own lawsuit and the 2 year statute of limitations applies. In other words, the emancipated child must file his own lawsuit generally within 2 years from the date of the injury. This also means the emancipated child will be able to address the claim on the medical bills as these were his responsibility. In the event the emancipated child lost wages as a result of his injury, there is a potential for him to recover the loss in his claim.

Personal Injury Attorney

Cases involving personal injury to a child are typically complex and require intimate knowledge of the laws that effect how the case is filed. Due to these complexities, having a personal injury lawyer to guide you through is paramount. Johnnie Bond Law’s personal injury attorneys in DC are here to help you through this. Contact our friendly staff today to discuss your case. Our legal team is knowledgeable and precise in work. We are conveniently located in Washington, DC, and we look forward to serving you.

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