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Slip and Fall Attorneys in Tennessee Win $593,981 Verdict for Victim in Edwards v. Hickory Hollow Mall

johnnie daniel bondThe experienced Tennessee slip and fall lawyers at Bond Law recently assisted a victim with recovering compensation after suffering a slip and fall accident while shopping at Hickory Hollow Mall. The plaintiff, Ms. Edwards, attended a class at a health clinic located in the mall. After the class concluded at 8:30 p.m., Ms. Edwards left the clinic and walked through the mall facility. At approximately the same time, mall employees began cleaning the floor throughout the shopping center. Ms. Edwards slipped on the wet tile floor and suffered a meniscal tear injury to her knee. Less invasive therapies and attempts to control her chronic pain proved unsuccessful, and Ms. Edwards ultimately required a total knee replacement. She then sought the assistance of the premises liability attorneys at Bond Law.

We brought a personal injury lawsuit on Ms. Edwards’ behalf, pointing out that the mall was negligent in allowing the cleaning activities to begin before patrons had exited the mall for the evening. We also offered evidence showing that the cleaning staff had failed to use “wet floor” signs or take other steps to prevent patrons from slipping on the wet tile. In the lawsuit, Ms. Edwards’ husband also alleged a claim for loss of consortium. This cause of action seeks compensation for the loss of a loved one’s companionship, society, and comfort.

The mall contested Ms. Edwards’ allegations, stating that she was at least partly at fault for her injuries. In a personal injury action, the defendant may offer evidence suggesting that the plaintiff also acted negligently at the time of the accident and that this negligence was a contributing factor to their injuries.

Property Owners May Be Held Accountable Through a Premises Liability Claim

According to well-established premises liability law, property owners have a duty to maintain their properties in a reasonably safe condition. This includes making repairs to any known dangerous conditions or posting clear warnings to alert guests about any dangerous conditions that cannot be fixed. The level of care that a landowner owes to an individual varies depending on whether the individual came to the property for a social reason or a business reason. Property owners owe a slightly higher duty of care to individuals who are invited to the property for a business purpose. When it comes to these invitees, the property owner must perform routine inspections of the premises to ensure their safety.

A slip and fall is perhaps the most common type of accident on property, but there are virtually endless ways that someone may be injured due to negligence, including faulty staircases, broken or uneven floorboards, faulty electrical wiring, cracked glass or windows, and low ceilings.

The Jury Found The Mall At Fault and Awarded Compensatory Damages to the Plaintiffs

After a two-day jury trial, the jury returned a verdict finding that the mall acted negligently and was liable for the plaintiff’s damages. The jury thus rejected the mall’s contention that the plaintiff was negligent at the time of the accident. Some of the damages awarded to Ms. Edwards included full compensation for the medical expenses she claimed in the lawsuit, $100,000 for her permanent impairment, $40,000 for the disfigurement to her knee, and a total of $100,000 for her past and future loss of enjoyment of life. The jury also awarded compensatory damages in the amount of $5,000 to Mr. Edwards for his loss of consortium claim.

Consult a Skilled Tennessee Attorney for a Slip and Fall Claim

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a slip and fall or another accident on property, you may be entitled to compensation. At Bond Law, our Tennessee slip and fall lawyers know what it takes to put together a successful claim, including gathering evidence, consulting with expert witnesses, and ensuring that insurance companies respect your rights. From our office in Nashville, we provide our clients with personalized, compassionate, and tenacious legal representation. Call us at contact us online to set up a free consultation with an injury lawyer.

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