Statute of Limitations – Does this affect my case? What is it?

Yes, this important aspect of the law can affect your case! The statute of limitations is a timeline established to limit when a person can bring certain claims against another. The purpose for this is to ensure diligent prosecution of cases where an injury is known to have occurred. This brings about finality for all individuals involved. It also helps ensure the evidence involved in the case is reasonably available and fresh for the lawsuit. The statute of limitation is not the same for all cases, so knowing which timeline applies to your case and how to apply it is of vital importance.

The laws of DC specify the amount of time a person has to bring a lawsuit. The statute states generally, the clock begins from the time the right to sue first comes into existence, or accrues. For instance, many injury claims come into existence on the date of the injury. As a result, the start of the timeline is from the date of injury. Although this sounds fairly straightforward, the statute of limitations can get rather complex with different cases. Recent court decisions can impact the statute. Having an experienced attorney who regularly evaluates the legal atmosphere is crucial when timelines for bringing a case is involved. Call Johnnie Bond Law at (202) 683-6803 to discuss your particular case.

Have I waited too long to file my case?

Different types of cases have different deadlines to file. For instance, in a case involving injury to a minor, the calculation of the statute of limitations begins as of the minor’s 18th birthday. In these cases, the special provision extends the time for a minor, or his representative, to file the claim within 3 years after the minor reaches the age of 18. (DC Code § 12-302). The calculation of certain cases can become complex.

The following is a small sampling of the statute of limitations for various claims as defined in DC Code § 12-301:

To recover damages for:

File your claim within:

Personal Injury

3 years

Medical Malpractice

3 years

Wrongful Death

2 years

Birth Injury

3 years

Are there any exceptions to the timeline (statute of limitations)?

The statute of limitations is a complex area of law and it is possible to have an exception. This is why choosing the proper DC Lawyer for your case is critical. DC Injury Lawyer, Johnnie Bond, can assist you in determining if any special exception might apply for your case in particular. The team of attorneys, medical consultants, and various other experts at Johnnie Bond Law will collaborate and provide you with the best analysis of your case. This solid evaluation will allow you to see where you are in the timeline and how quickly you need to act or if you have more breathing room than you thought.

Time is a Factor – Don’t Delay!

The time is now! If you have a potential case, need consultation, or want to know where you are in the timeline for bringing your claim, you should schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns and your case. Johnnie Bond Law has experienced attorneys, medical consultants, and incredible staff to work through your questions, concerns, and ultimately guide you to finality in your case. We look forward to assisting you through your legal battle and want to make sure you start off with the proper timeline in mind.

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