Worker’s Compensation

Getting injured on the job can create suffering beyond the injury itself. Filing the claim to receive worker’s compensation can create stress on top of the already mounting anxiety from the injury and potential inability to work. This is why hiring an experienced, aggressive Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Washington, DC, may prove invaluable. There is a timeline for filing a worker’s compensation claim to receive benefits, which must be strictly followed. This is a critical piece of the puzzle that will preserve your rights to compensation under the worker’s compensation laws of DC. In the event you do not file a claim according to the strict timeline, you may be prohibited from receiving the compensation due to you. At Johnnie Bond Law, we can help determine the best course of action for filing your worker’s compensation claim.

The experience staff at Johnnie Bond Law is here to assist you in completing the appropriate paperwork for your worker’s compensation claim. The paperwork is to be sent to several different offices and Worker’s Compensation Attorney Johnnie Bond will ensure your claim is directed to the correct individuals. Below are the specific steps that must be followed for proper filing of your claim:

  • Report job-related injury or illness promptly to employer.
  • Report job-related injury/illness to the Office of Workers’ Compensation within 30 days.
  • File DCWC Form 7 with Office of Workers’ Compensation and employer.
  • DCWC Form 7A must be filed within one year after injury or death.

No matter where you are in this process, Johnnie Bond Law can assist you in determining the next steps. The turmoil that an on-the-job injury can create is enough to handle without the headache of whether you think you might be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.

Was your worker’s compensation claim denied? You may know there are many reasons a worker’s compensation claim might be denied. For instance, a worker’s compensation claim may be denied because the claim was not filed on time or the employer disputes the injury or disease was work related. The claim denial letter will indicate the reason for the denial. Johnnie Bond and his staff are prepared to assist you in appealing this denial upon review of your case. Navigating an appeal and its process can be daunting. There are specific deadlines that must be met at this stage of the process as well. Ensuring compliance with these deadlines is our top priority for clients appealing a worker’s compensation denial.

Experienced DC Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Johnnie Bond is an aggressive, experienced trial attorney who can help direct you through this process, ensure you meet all required deadlines, and fight for your right to worker’s compensation benefits. Allow our friendly staff to carry this heavy burden for you while you focus on recovering. We know this type of incident can create undue stress by itself, partnering with us will alleviate some of the stress.

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